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Project Management app for Scrum and Kanban

With Agiloo you get the right tool to plan and manage your Scrum or Kanban project. Powerful enough to provide you with the help you need. Yet simple to use.

Board and List View

Work Items can be viewed both on Board View and List View


Add tags to items and filter by text, tag or member

Instant Search

Find any Work Item, Board or Member by instant search


Set estimates to items or sub items. Estimates are aggregated which gives you full view of the total estimate of a large feature.

Real time updates

Updates are pushed to other project members in real time


Get notifications when you are assigned to an item or when you are mentioned in a text or comment

Customize Statuses

By default, items can be set to status todo, in progress and done. Customize your own statuses when necessary


By archiving finished Work Items, you can remove them from the current Work Board, but still access them for documentation


You can add Comments to any Work Item

Github Integration

Link your Work Items to Github commits or branches

PWA support

Install Agiloo as PWA for a better mobile experience


Filter your Work Items by title, tags or assigned members

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