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Give Credit, where it's due!

Vue JS

Vue JS is know for it's easy of creating website. This website wouldn't have been possible without Vue being so awesome!

Nuxt JS

Nuxt JS is built using Vue JS. It is a static website generator, with more control on how you want to handle the website.


Netlify has created the most awesome CI/CD pipeline. It is easy and works seamlesly.

Netlify CMS

Another open source CMS that makes life so much easy when it comes to maintaining data, without having the need to maintain databases

Daniel kelly - Awake Theme

The theme that you see being used on our website was created by Daniel for free. It made life so easy and simple to work with a theme that is integrated with Netlify and Netlify CMS.

Lastly, Abhay Talreja

That will be me, the creator of the website.