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Paper provides commerce infrastructure for selling NFTs. Use their simple APIs or developer SDK to: 💳 accept credit cards for NFT purchases ✨ accept cross-chain crypto (i.e. use ETH to buy SOL NFTs) 👛 create non-custodial wallets authenticated by email

Frictionless NFT checkout.

Make NFTs accessible to your full audience with a fast & simple checkout solution that meets your customers where they are.

Flexible commerce products for NFTs.

By using Paper, you can significantly lower the barrier of purchasing NFTs and get more paying customers.

Accept Credit Cards

Accept credit cards in all major regions with a high approval rate.

Cross-Chain Crypto

Accept crypto your customers have like ETH.

Easy Wallet Creation

Provide your customers with a non-custodial NFT-first wallet.

Instant Payouts

Get paid out instantly in the contract's native tokens.

Save months of dev work

We take care of the payment processing, fraud detection, and checkout experience so you can focus on building value.

Payments & Delivery

We handle on-chain execution so you do not have to worry about the speed & reliability of blockchain transactions.

Prevent Bots & Bad Actors

Ensure that your NFTs end up in the hands of your community. Most users skip lengthy ID verification, and KYC takes less than a minute.

Zero Chargeback Guaranteed

Our proprietary fraud engine allows us to take on the risk of time and money wasted from dealing with credit card chargebacks. Don’t worry, we got your back.

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NFT checkout with credit cards & cross-chain crypto

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