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Startup-Investor Fit | Made with react js

Startup-Investor Fit

Made with react js

Use this checklist for when you are researching funds to invest in your startups. There are an abundance of investors out there - so the goal isn't to reach out to all of them, but to find the one that suits you the most.

Startup-Investor Fit The definitive index to identify investor-fit for your startup.

  1. Lead vs. Follow

  2. Sector / industry

  3. Check size

  4. Geography preference

  5. Conviction

  6. Chemistry / connection

  7. Fund reputation

  8. Dry powder

  9. Previous investments

  10. Value-add

  11. Community offering

  12. Co-investors

  13. Board seat preference

  14. Fund follow-on strategy

  15. Who are the LPs

  16. Fund vintage

  17. GP commit

  18. Fund performance

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Startup-Investor Fit

The definitive guide to identify investor-fit for your startup

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