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Guest Post

Many of our users have requested this feature, where they wanted to write for our blog to reach their brand to the awesome Javascript fans!

Here are the requirements to submit your blog to the website

  • Blog Article should be written in Markdown
  • Don't use Clickbait headlines
  • Don’t use listicles
  • Be Honest and tell the truth
  • Give Proper Attribution
  • Code should always be as code and no images.
  • For your blog text you can use bold or italic — never both
  • Only use one exclamation point, typically only after exclamations
  • Don’t take your readers for granted, respect their time
  • When you submit your blog article to a publication, you should expect for editors to actually edit it
  • Write your story on github (or gist) and email the link to madewithjavascript@gmail.com